Born at the intersection of the Millennials and 'iGeneration', Sarah's work is inspired by her unique perspective on the rapid changes in technology and the societal impacts. She is an interdisciplinary artist specialising in new media and creative technology to create interactive experiences that foster curiousity and facilitate critical thinking. Interested in collaboration with industries outside of the creative sector, Sarah aims to visually communicate often inaccessible research to engage broader, more diverse audiences. Her work often focuses on raising questions rather than providing answers, believing that it is the conversations it stimulates and the combination of diverse thought processes that generates new knowledge, understanding and innovation.

Sarah graduated from Interactive Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2017. She was selected to participate in interdisciplinary residency 'Roche Continents' - a unique programme facilitating intellectual exchanges and disciplinary cross-pollination exploring sources of inspiration at the intersection of Science and Art. Sarah was also awarded the MMU Science Community Award and has presented research around generative design processes and the impact on the creative industry in Austria for Roche Pharamacuticals. In addition, Sarah had co-organised various community engagement projects such as Digital Abuse (Manchester Art Gallery) and Illustration Showdown Bristol, and was a speaker at Women's March Manchester 2017.

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