Sarah Selby is a visual artist who uses software, programming and emerging technology to explore digital culture, raising critical questions around its social, ethical and environmental implications. 


Sarah was the winner of Arebyte Gallery’s ‘Hotel Generation’ programme resulting in her solo show ‘Raised by Google’ (2019), featured in Timeout and FAD magazine. She was shortlisted for The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize for her interactive artwork ‘If you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you’ and is an alumni of Roche Continents - an international residency exploring sources of inspiration at the intersection of science and art. She was recently the nominated hero for Global Goal 9 ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’ as part of the Bristol17 campaign ran by the Global Goals Centre in the run up to COP26.


Sarah has delivered workshops and talks for BBC, Kings College London, Woman’s March Manchester, The Immersive Kind and more. This year Sarah headlined a season of events that explored ‘The Downloadable Brain’ by Liverpool based Cognitive Sensations. She is currently exploring the potential of DNA Data storage as an artist in residence at Loughborough University for a forthcoming exhibition in December.