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Street Pixel

Street Pixel is an interactive pavement that transforms urban spaces through play by replacing traditional paving with smart, connected, giant interactable pixels.

Street Pixel

Simply step - or roll! - onto Street Pixels to activate colourful lights, sound and interactions. Play favourite childhood games like hopscotch or whack-a-mole, make music with Street Piano, or simply sit back and watch as the pavement animates with light, colour and music. 

Street Pixel is hardware graffiti; designed to reinvigorate the relationship between people and their cities by transforming the street below into opportunities for connection and play using creative technology, game design and a sustainable approach to materials and electronic hardware. It brings together games, architecture, electronics, societal well-being, and a desire to change the urban landscape for the better.

Street Pixel injects joy and life back into the urban landscape, encouraging  everyone to step outside their routine and embrace their playful side. From kids to grownups, local residents to visiting tourists Street Pixel brings people together. 

Street Pixel is designed and produced by Biome Collective and commissioned by Playable City Watershed with support from UNESCO City of Design Dundee. Find out more here.


Street Pixel is created by Biome Collective, an interdisciplinary studio dedicated to pushing the boundaries of playful media. Our projects redefine the relationship between audiences and public spaces. 

Biome design and produce unique, multi sensory experiences and interventions  that transform cultural spaces into responsive artworks- accessible and dynamic environments that break down social barriers and create playful opportunities.


Creative Producer: Malath Abbas

Designer: Tom deMajo

Creative Technologist: Niall Moody

Unity Developer: Claire Morwood

Creative Technologist: Sarah Selby

Sustainability Consultant: Tommy Perman

Funded by: Watershed, Playable Cities, Our World, UNESCO City of Design Dundee, 

Fabrication by: Old School fabrications 

Materials provided by: Smile Plastics

Additional support from: NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Bristol City Council, Dundee City Council

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