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Walk This Way

Walk this Way is an interactive public art installation that combines artificial intelligence with surveillance technologies to facilitate storytelling through performance and play.

Walk This Way

Walk This Way was created by Annabel McCourt and Adrian Riley in collaboration with visual artists specialising in software, programming, and emerging technology - Rod Dickinson and Sarah Selby. 

Leveraging the capabilities of AI, passersby have the opportunity to embody the essence of a historical Grimsby character by striking various poses. Utilising sophisticated pose detection technology, participants can unveil the narrative of their chosen character, exploring its history through dynamic movements and actions.

Adrian Riley highlighted that although commercial applications of AI may not depict individuals as historical or local figures, especially those memorialised outside the Minster, the goal is to offer an engaging and thought-provoking experience in St James Square. Walk This Way serves as a connection between physical and digital art, exploring innovative methods to involve and animate people within the space. It exemplifies how fixed public artworks are evolving into interactive digital experiences.

Annabel McCourt emphasised the mission of democratising art and technology, aiming to transform public spaces into enjoyable, playful environments. The artists aspire to enable the public to comprehend the impact of AI, not just locally but on a global scale, particularly in terms of surveillance.


Custom Python software 

Variable Message Sign 

NTCIP communication protocol using SNMP 



Artists: Annabelle McCourt, Adrian Riley

Collaborators: Rod Dickinson, Sarah Selby

The public installation is part of Grimsby Creates Creative Programme, an ambitious, place-shaping schedule of activities, events, festivals, residencies and public art over three years. Supported by the Cultural Development Fund, which is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and administered by Arts Council England, the programme is providing a unique opportunity to transform Grimsby into a vibrant town centre where heritage and creativity are enjoyed.

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