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Sarah Selby is a visual artist and academic who explores digital culture, with a specific focus on its societal, ethical, and environmental implications. Her work delves into human-machine interactions and the influence of emerging technologies on our behaviour and experiences.

With a background in Interactive Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Computational Arts MA from Goldsmiths, Sarah seamlessly merges creativity with technology. Her artwork, 'Between the Lines,' received global recognition in 2023, earning the prestigious Lumen Prize in the 3D/Interactive category, along with an honorary mention for the renowned S+T+ARTs prize.

Sarah possesses a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration, having previously partnered with The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, biotechnology company Twist Bioscience, and King’s Forensics at King’s College London. She is an alumna of Roche Continents, a unique program that explores the intersection of science and art. Recently, she was selected for the Global Goal 9 initiative, focusing on 'Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure,' as part of the Bristol17 campaign leading up to COP26.

Currently serving as a Lecturer in Creative Technology at Birmingham City University, Sarah contributes to the innovative 'Art and Design with Creative Technologies' program. Through the integration of art, design, and digital technologies, the course inspires students to push creative boundaries and embrace cutting-edge practices.

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